Who we are

HSTP is a not for profit entity incubated in the Tata Trusts Family in 2018. It has been nurtured by Dr. Maharaj Kishan Bhan in its formative years into an organization par excellence to attract and build a team of brilliant and passionate professionals focused on health systems.

Our mission is to enable Indian health systems respond to people’s needs. We do this in collaboration with Indian & Global expertise through research for health systems redesign, enhancing capabilities of stakeholders and fostering policy dialogue.

India has made substantial progress in healthcare over the decades. It is now focused on reorienting its health system towards providing equitable access to good quality affordable health services and to achieving better health outcomes for all.  A transition from existing systems to one that meets the aspirations of Ayushman Bharat and Sustainable Development Goals requires evidence based re-design of the system’s architecture, innovative approaches to re-engineer health interventions and enhanced capacities of all stakeholders.

HSTP shall be an enabler of this systems change. It seeks to create an ecosystem that enhances national and state level capacities to conduct policy relevant health systems research, diagnose and analyze problems, design and support implementation of practical interventions with high impact on wellness and human health in an integrated manner at multiple levels (prevention, primary, secondary and tertiary care) and reduce fragmentation across the public and private healthcare systems. HSTP shall collaborate with Governments,Indian and International institutions to bring together policy makers, researchers,practitioners and stakeholders from public and private sectors to explore and attempt to solve complex health systems issues in health financing, primary health care, service delivery, human resources, quality, digital health, health governance and accountability.

Core Values

  • Systems thinking
  • Collaboration and inclusiveness
  • Recognize diversity and accept pluralism
  • Purposeful autonomy with accountability
  • Individual excellence aligned to institutional goals
  • Individual & Institutional reinvention to adapt